Areas of Expertise

Occipital Neuralgia and Other Surgical Headache Conditions

Dr. Henderson has fifteen years of experience in treating occipital neuralgia employing the operation known as occipital ganglion neurectomy.

Our group has extensive experience in the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, cervical radiculopathy, Eagle syndrome, intracranial conditions, neck conditions, and congenital deformities, which may contribute to or underlie headache conditions.

Surgical treatment options include:

  • removal of calcified stylohyoid ligament for Eagle syndrome
  • foraminotomy of the C3 or C4 nerve roots for headache
  • sectioning of the C2 nerve root for occipital neuralgia
  • occitipal ganglion neurectomy
  • occipito-cervical fusion stabilization for craniocervical instability
  • cervical fusion for headaches from unstable vertebrae
  • microvascular decompression of trigeminal nerve for trigeminal neuralgia
  • microvascular decompression of facial nerve for facial tic syndromes