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Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group strives to offer the best neurosurgical care available to patients. The following are brief testimonials.

“I sent off my imaging to Dr. Henderson and he personally called me to discuss my findings. He said, "I see the problem, we will work on a solution, and don't you worry, I can take care of this.” His office called me first thing Monday morning to get me in to see him … As I approach my upcoming surgery, I am at peace and have no worries, because I know that I am in the best hands.”

—Pam F., Glen Allen, VA · Full story (PDF) »

“I want to thank you for your skill and expertise in removing my Tarlov cyst and tethered spine. You have relieved me of such awful pain. I have been to many doctors and pain centers, through different procedures and treatments that were supposed to relieve the pressure and pain in my lower back, but were unsuccessful. After you performed my surgery, I am gradually getting my life back.”

—Toni, Spartanburg, SC · Full story (PDF) »

“Dr. Henderson successfully performed the decompression of my brain and corrected and stabilized the damage it had caused. Immediately, the pressure pain left me. Even on the drive home, the clarity of my vision had made such a significant improvement that it made me realize how bad my vision had actually been hindered in the past few months leading up to the surgery. The staff at Doctor’s Community Hospital provided excellent care before, during and after my surgery. The surgery was with minimally invasive, requiring a shorter hospital stay and included stabilization of the top three vertebra. I am very grateful for specialists like Dr.  Henderson, who has taken great interest in people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and perfected his surgical craft for Chiari 1 patients. I look forward to many better days ahead.”

—Nyckole, Williamsburg, VA · Full story (PDF) »

“[Dr. Henderson] has a kind, compassionate and generous heart. He possesses a great deal of empathy for not only his patients, but their families as well. His medical knowledge is quite amazing, and he looks at the patient as a “whole” rather than just one specific part … He is truly an exceptional doctor and person.”

—Pam H., Spartanburg, SC

“Three months out of ACDF surgery and one month out of my osteotomy fusion, I was able to hike the woods and watch my daughters tube the creek! Two months after the osteotomy I was able to walk the beach in Ocean City with my family again, something I have not been able to do in 5 years!”

—Charlene · Full story (PDF) »

“Thankfully, we were directed to see Dr. Fraser Henderson in June 2009. He correctly diagnosed and surgically corrected our daughter’s spinal abnormalities, as well as her Chiari malformation. Today, she is dancing again and just graduated from high school at the top of her class. In the months since her surgery, two more of our four children have been diagnosed with the same genetic condition and have both had successful surgeries performed by Dr. Henderson. We could not be more pleased with our experience with Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group.”

—Lisa, Spartanburg, SC · Full story (PDF) »